Let's Go Montreal the Way
From the episode: Bigfat
Singers: Glenn Quagmire, Peter Griffin, Bill Maher, Joe Swanson
Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Bill Maher, Patrick Warburton

"Let's Go Montreal the Way" is Quagmire's rendition of "Merry Old Land of Oz" when he tries to convince Joe and Peter they should come along with him on a trip to Canada in "Bigfat".



Quagmire: Nip nip here, nip nip there

And a bevy of porno stars

There's jugs and mugs of Molson beer

In Canadian nudie bars

Dirty hoes, put on shows

And a lot of them don't have scars

They'll even take it up the nose

In Canadian nudie bars

You can touch and squeeze and they don't even care

Peter: Would they even dye their pubes to match my hair?

Quagmire: Uh huh!

Peter: Color me there

Quagmire: Do like me, say "oui oui"

And tell them you're a friend of Bill Maher's

Bill Maher: That's how you'll get to watch them pee

In Canadian nudie bars

Quagmire: Ha ha ha

Peter: ho ho ho

Together: Ha ha ha ha

Joe: Haaaaa

Quagmire: A guy can get his hockey pucked

In Canadian nudie bars

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