The Cherry PitThe Chevy Chase ShowThe Chicken Coop
The Choomba Woomba SongThe Cleveland-Loretta QuagmireThe Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire/Goofs
The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire/Notes/TriviaThe Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire/QuotesThe Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire/References
The Cleveland ShowThe Cleveland Show Theme SongThe Club of Forgotten Children
The CommunistsThe Complete Collection 1-4The Complete Collection 1-5
The Complete Collection 1-9The Cosby ShowThe Count
The Courtship of Stewie's FatherThe Courtship of Stewie's Father/GoofsThe Courtship of Stewie's Father/Notes/Trivia
The Courtship of Stewie's Father/QuotesThe Courtship of Stewie's Father/ReferencesThe Creature from the Black Lagoon
The D in Apartment 23The D in Apartment 23/GoofsThe D in Apartment 23/Notes/Trivia
The D in Apartment 23/QuotesThe D in Apartment 23/ReferencesThe Dating Game
The Dating Game/GoofsThe Dating Game/Notes/TriviaThe Dating Game/Quotes
The Dating Game/ReferencesThe Dating Game (Television Show)The Dean
The DecemberistsThe Dick Van Dyke ShowThe Dovells
The Drunken ClamThe Electric CompanyThe Energizer Bunny
The EpsteinsThe Escape RoomThe FCC Song
The Facts of LifeThe Family CircusThe Family Guy 100th Episode Special
The Family Guy 100th Episode Special/GoofsThe Family Guy 100th Episode Special/Notes/TriviaThe Family Guy 100th Episode Special/Quotes
The Family Guy 100th Episode Special/ReferencesThe Farmer and the CowmanThe Fast and the Furious
The Fat Guy StranglerThe Fat Guy Strangler/GoofsThe Fat Guy Strangler/Notes/Trivia
The Fat Guy Strangler/QuotesThe Fat Guy Strangler/ReferencesThe Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz/GoofsThe Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz/Notes/TriviaThe Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz/Quotes
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz/ReferencesThe Finer StringsThe Finer Strings/Goofs
The Finer Strings/Notes/TriviaThe Finer Strings/QuotesThe Finer Strings/References
The First No LThe First No L/GoofsThe First No L/Notes/Trivia
The First No L/QuotesThe First No L/ReferencesThe Flash
The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)The FlintstonesThe Fonz
The Former Life of BrianThe Former Life of Brian/GoofsThe Former Life of Brian/Notes/Trivia
The Former Life of Brian/QuotesThe Former Life of Brian/ReferencesThe Founding Father Restaurant
The Four PetersThe French MistakeThe Friends of Distinction
The Giggity WifeThe Giggity Wife/GoofsThe Giggity Wife/Notes/Trivia
The Giggity Wife/QuotesThe Giggity Wife/ReferencesThe Goonies
The Great GazooThe Great Space CoasterThe Grinch
The Hand That Rocks the WheelchairThe Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair/GoofsThe Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair/Notes/Trivia
The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair/QuotesThe Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair/ReferencesThe Handlemans
The Hang OutThe Harlem GlobetrottersThe Heartbreak Dog
The Heartbreak Dog/GoofsThe Heartbreak Dog/Notes/TriviaThe Heartbreak Dog/Quotes
The Heartbreak Dog/ReferencesThe HillsThe Incredible Hulk
The JeffersonsThe Jerry Springer ShowThe Jetsons
The Jim CrowsThe Jolly Green GiantThe Joy of Painting
The Juice Is LooseThe Juice Is Loose/GoofsThe Juice Is Loose/Notes/Trivia
The Juice Is Loose/QuotesThe Juice Is Loose/ReferencesThe Karate Kid
The King Is DeadThe King Is Dead/GoofsThe King Is Dead/Notes/Trivia
The King Is Dead/QuotesThe King Is Dead/ReferencesThe King and I
The Kiss Seen Around the WorldThe Kiss Seen Around the World/GoofsThe Kiss Seen Around the World/Notes/Trivia
The Kiss Seen Around the World/QuotesThe Kiss Seen Around the World/ReferencesThe Lake House
The Laser Tag TimesThe Last Time I Saw ParisThe Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
The Legion of DoomThe Letter "A"The Little Drummer Boy
The Lonely GoatherdThe Longest TimeThe Lord of Darkness
The Lord of the RingsThe Love BoatThe Lunch Hour
The LynchesThe Mad HatterThe Man in White
The Man with Two BriansThe Man with Two Brians/GoofsThe Man with Two Brians/Notes/Trivia
The Man with Two Brians/QuotesThe Man with Two Brians/ReferencesThe Marrying Kind
The Marrying Kind/GoofsThe Marrying Kind/Notes/TriviaThe Marrying Kind/Quotes
The Marrying Kind/ReferencesThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowThe Match Game
The Michelin ManThe Mighty DucksThe Morning After
The Most Interesting Man in the WorldThe Most Interesting Man in the World/GoofsThe Most Interesting Man in the World/Notes/Trivia
The Most Interesting Man in the World/QuotesThe Most Interesting Man in the World/ReferencesThe Movement
The Movement/GoofsThe Movement/Notes/TriviaThe Movement/Quotes
The Movement/ReferencesThe MuppetsThe Nelsons
The New Adventures of Old TomThe New Adventures of Old Tom/GoofsThe New Adventures of Old Tom/Notes/Trivia
The New Adventures of Old Tom/QuotesThe New Adventures of Old Tom/ReferencesThe New Yorker
The Newlywed GameThe Old Man and the Big 'C'The Old Man and the Big 'C'/Goofs
The Old Man and the Big 'C'/Notes/TriviaThe Old Man and the Big 'C'/QuotesThe Old Man and the Big 'C'/References
The OsmondsThe Oval OrificeThe Panera Changing Table
The Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify ThisThe Pawtucket PatriotThe Peanut Butter Kid
The Peanut Butter Kid/GoofsThe Peanut Butter Kid/Notes/TriviaThe Peanut Butter Kid/Quotes
The Peanut Butter Kid/ReferencesThe Peanuts MovieThe Perfect Castaway
The Perfect Castaway/GoofsThe Perfect Castaway/Notes/TriviaThe Perfect Castaway/Quotes
The Perfect Castaway/ReferencesThe Peter PrincipalThe Peter Principal/Goofs
The Peter Principal/Notes/TriviaThe Peter Principal/QuotesThe Peter Principal/References
The Phantom of the OperaThe Pink PantherThe Pope
The Power of LoveThe Price is RightThe Prince
The ProclaimersThe Pussycat DollsThe Quahog Baptist Choir
The Real Live GriffinsThe Redneck Comedy TourThe Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
The RoseThe Rush Limbaugh ShowThe Screaming Black Dolphins
The Shawshank RedemptionThe ShiningThe Silence of the Lambs
The SimpsonsThe Simpsons GuyThe Simpsons Guy/Goofs
The Simpsons Guy/Notes/TriviaThe Simpsons Guy/QuotesThe Simpsons Guy/References
The SmurfsThe Son Also DrawsThe Son Also Draws/Goofs
The Son Also Draws/Notes/TriviaThe Son Also Draws/QuotesThe Son Also Draws/References
The SopranosThe Sound of MusicThe Splendid Source
The Splendid Source/GoofsThe Splendid Source/Notes/TriviaThe Splendid Source/Quotes
The Splendid Source/ReferencesThe Splendid Source (Joke History)The Star-Spangled Banner
The StevensonsThe Stewie Griffin School Of Hard Knocks Grad Pad: A Personalized, Ultra-Confidential YearbookThe Stork
The Story So FarThe Story So Far/GoofsThe Story So Far/Notes/Trivia
The Story So Far/QuotesThe Story So Far/ReferencesThe Story on Page One
The Story on Page One/GoofsThe Story on Page One/Notes/TriviaThe Story on Page One/Quotes
The Story on Page One/ReferencesThe Tale of ConstanceThe Talented Mr. Stewie
The Talented Mr. Stewie/GoofsThe Talented Mr. Stewie/Notes/TriviaThe Talented Mr. Stewie/Quotes
The Talented Mr. Stewie/ReferencesThe Tan Aquatic with Steve ZissouThe Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/Goofs
The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/Notes/TriviaThe Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/QuotesThe Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/References
The TerminatorThe Thin White LineThe Thin White Line/Goofs
The Thin White Line/Notes/TriviaThe Thin White Line/QuotesThe Thin White Line/References
The ThingThe Things We Did Last SummerThe Three Stooges
The Three WisemenThe Tonight Show with Jay LenoThe Top Ten Things I, Peter Griffin, Would Like to Say to America
The Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your ChildThe Tracey Ullman ShowThe Turtlenecks
The Twelve Days of ChristmasThe Twilight ZoneThe Unkindest Cut
The Unkindest Cut/GoofsThe Unkindest Cut/Notes/TriviaThe Unkindest Cut/Quotes
The Unkindest Cut/ReferencesThe Vaped CrusaderThe View
The Virgin MaryThe VoiceThe Weekapaug Inn
The Wheels on the BusThe Wizard of OzThe Woof of Wall Street
The Woof of Wall Street/GoofsThe Woof of Wall Street/Notes/TriviaThe Woof of Wall Street/Quotes
The Woof of Wall Street/ReferencesThe Worry SongThe Yankee Doodle Boy
Thelma & LouiseThelma GriffinTheme From ''Lois''
Theme SongTheme from "Family Guy"Theme from "Meg"
Theme from "Taft"Theme from ''The Q''Theme from Hill Street Blues
Theme to Surfside 6Theodore RooseveltTherapist Joe
There's Something About PaulieThere's Something About Paulie/GoofsThere's Something About Paulie/Notes/Trivia
There's Something About Paulie/QuotesThere's Something About Paulie/ReferencesThere's a Fuzzy Bunny Rabbit on the Train
There's a Hole in the Bottom of the SeaThere Was a Peaceful Town Called QuahogThese Beans
They Call Me BillThings She DidThis House Is Freakin' Sweet!
This Little PiggyThis Little Piggy/GoofsThis Little Piggy/Notes/Trivia
This Little Piggy/QuotesThis Little Piggy/ReferencesThis Waitress is Prettier Than My Wife
This is BurlesqueThis is One Fine Day to Be Nude
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