The Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify ThisThe Pawtucket PatriotThe Peanut Butter Kid
The Peanut Butter Kid/GoofsThe Peanut Butter Kid/Notes/TriviaThe Peanut Butter Kid/Quotes
The Peanut Butter Kid/ReferencesThe Peanuts MovieThe Perfect Castaway
The Perfect Castaway/GoofsThe Perfect Castaway/Notes/TriviaThe Perfect Castaway/Quotes
The Perfect Castaway/ReferencesThe Peter PrincipalThe Peter Principal/Goofs
The Peter Principal/Notes/TriviaThe Peter Principal/QuotesThe Peter Principal/References
The Phantom of the OperaThe Pink PantherThe Pope
The Power of LoveThe Price is RightThe Prince
The ProclaimersThe Pussycat DollsThe Quahog Baptist Choir
The Real Live GriffinsThe Redneck Comedy TourThe Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
The RoseThe Rush Limbaugh ShowThe Screaming Black Dolphins
The Shawshank RedemptionThe ShiningThe Silence of the Lambs
The SimpsonsThe Simpsons GuyThe Simpsons Guy/Goofs
The Simpsons Guy/Notes/TriviaThe Simpsons Guy/QuotesThe Simpsons Guy/References
The SmurfsThe Son Also DrawsThe Son Also Draws/Goofs
The Son Also Draws/Notes/TriviaThe Son Also Draws/QuotesThe Son Also Draws/References
The SopranosThe Sound of MusicThe Splendid Source
The Splendid Source/GoofsThe Splendid Source/Notes/TriviaThe Splendid Source/Quotes
The Splendid Source/ReferencesThe Splendid Source (Joke History)The Star-Spangled Banner
The StevensonsThe Stewie Griffin School Of Hard Knocks Grad Pad: A Personalized, Ultra-Confidential YearbookThe Stork
The Story So FarThe Story So Far/GoofsThe Story So Far/Notes/Trivia
The Story So Far/QuotesThe Story So Far/ReferencesThe Story on Page One
The Story on Page One/GoofsThe Story on Page One/Notes/TriviaThe Story on Page One/Quotes
The Story on Page One/ReferencesThe Tale of ConstanceThe Talented Mr. Stewie
The Talented Mr. Stewie/GoofsThe Talented Mr. Stewie/Notes/TriviaThe Talented Mr. Stewie/Quotes
The Talented Mr. Stewie/ReferencesThe Tan Aquatic with Steve ZissouThe Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/Goofs
The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/Notes/TriviaThe Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/QuotesThe Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou/References
The TerminatorThe Thin White LineThe Thin White Line/Goofs
The Thin White Line/Notes/TriviaThe Thin White Line/QuotesThe Thin White Line/References
The ThingThe Things We Did Last SummerThe Three Stooges
The Three WisemenThe Tonight Show with Jay LenoThe Top Ten Things I, Peter Griffin, Would Like to Say to America
The Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your ChildThe Tracey Ullman ShowThe Turtlenecks
The Twelve Days of ChristmasThe Twilight ZoneThe Unkindest Cut
The Unkindest Cut/GoofsThe Unkindest Cut/Notes/TriviaThe Unkindest Cut/Quotes
The Unkindest Cut/ReferencesThe Vaped CrusaderThe View
The Virgin MaryThe VoiceThe Weekapaug Inn
The Wheels on the BusThe Wizard of OzThe Woof of Wall Street
The Woof of Wall Street/GoofsThe Woof of Wall Street/Notes/TriviaThe Woof of Wall Street/Quotes
The Woof of Wall Street/ReferencesThe Worry SongThe Yankee Doodle Boy
Thelma & LouiseThelma GriffinTheme Song
Theme from "Family Guy"Theme from "Taft"Theme from Hill Street Blues
Theme to Surfside 6Theodore RooseveltTherapist Joe
There's Something About PaulieThere's Something About Paulie/GoofsThere's Something About Paulie/Notes/Trivia
There's Something About Paulie/QuotesThere's Something About Paulie/ReferencesThere's a Fuzzy Bunny Rabbit on the Train
There's a Hole in the Bottom of the SeaThere Was a Peaceful Town Called QuahogThese Beans
They Call Me BillThings She DidThis House Is Freakin' Sweet!
This Little PiggyThis Little Piggy/GoofsThis Little Piggy/Notes/Trivia
This Little Piggy/QuotesThis Little Piggy/ReferencesThis Waitress is Prettier Than My Wife
This is BurlesqueThis is One Fine Day to Be NudeThomas Dekker
Thomas EdisonThomas GriffinThomas Jefferson
Thomas WatsonThorThree's Company
Three DirectorsThree Directors/GoofsThree Directors/Notes/Trivia
Three Directors/QuotesThree Directors/ReferencesThree Kings
Three Kings/GoofsThree Kings/Notes/TriviaThree Kings/Quotes
Three Kings/ReferencesThree Little PigsThree Wishes
Throw It AwayThrow It Away/GoofsThrow It Away/Notes/Trivia
Throw It Away/QuotesThrow It Away/ReferencesThunder
ThunderCatsTiVoTia Carrere
Tico WellsTiegs for TwoTiegs for Two/Goofs
Tiegs for Two/Notes/TriviaTiegs for Two/QuotesTiegs for Two/References
Tiffani ThiessenTiffanyTiffany Trump
TimTim & RitaTim (Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High)
Tim (Hell Comes to Quahog)Tim AllenTim Gunn
Tim McCarverTim ParsonsTim Robbins
Tim TuckerTime MachineTime for Timer
TimmyTimmy (12 and a Half Angry Men)Timmy (An App a Day)
Timmy (Chitty Chitty Death Bang)Timmy (No Country Club for Old Men)Timmy Cordray
Timmy II (No Country Club for Old Men)Timmy MusketTina
Tina (Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows)Tina FeyTinder is Gross
Tinker BellTinkles Piano BarTiny Tots Preschool
TitanicTmas GriffinTo Love and Die in Dixie
To Love and Die in Dixie/GoofsTo Love and Die in Dixie/Notes/TriviaTo Love and Die in Dixie/Quotes
To Love and Die in Dixie/ReferencesToad GirlTobi
TobyToby KeithToday
ToddTodd (Follow the Money)Todd Goldstein
Todd GriffinTodd MeyersTom Arnold
Tom BakerTom BosleyTom Brady
Tom BrokawTom BrunelleTom Cochrane
Tom CruiseTom DevanneyTom Ellis
Tom GreenTom HanksTom Hiddleston
Tom HollanderTom HuangTom Kenny
Tom MaxwellTom Sawyer (song)Tom Selleck
Tom SizemoreTom TuckerTom Tucker: The Man and His Dream
Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream/GoofsTom Tucker: The Man and His Dream/Notes/TriviaTom Tucker: The Man and His Dream/Quotes
Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream/ReferencesTom WilsonTom and Jerry
Tomahawk’dTomik and BellgardeTommy Bahama
Tommy LeeTonyTony's Pizzaria
Tony (Call Girl)Tony (The Unkindest Cut)Tony Danza
Tony MontanaTony RandallTony Robbins
Tony SiricoTony the TigerTooth Fairy
Tootsie RollTootsie Roll JingleTop Gun
Topher GraceTopsy the Roid-Raged HorseTori & Vic
Tori SpellingTorn Between Two LoversTotal Cereal
Total RecallTotal Recall/GoofsTotal Recall/Notes/Trivia
Total Recall/QuotesTotal Recall/ReferencesToto
Toucan SamTouched by an AngelToy Story
Tra-La-LaTracey BellingsTracy
Tracy FlanniganTracy MorganTrading Places
Trading Places/GoofsTrading Places/Notes/TriviaTrading Places/Quotes
Trading Places/ReferencesTrading Places (Usher song)Train on the Water, Boat on a Track
TrattoriaTravis BoweTreasure
TrevorTricia GarciaTricia Takanawa
TriscuitTrix RabbitTron
Troy BrownTrue BloodTrump Guy
Trump Guy/GoofsTrump Guy/Notes/TriviaTrump Guy/Quotes
Trump Guy/ReferencesTuck TuckerTucson
Tundro & GloopTurban CowboyTurban Cowboy/Goofs
Turban Cowboy/Notes/TriviaTurban Cowboy/QuotesTurban Cowboy/References
Turkey GuysTurkey Guys/GoofsTurkey Guys/Notes/Trivia
Turkey Guys/QuotesTurkey Guys/ReferencesTurn-of-the-Century Peter, Joe, Quagmire & Horace
Turn of the Century Take on all Comers GriffinTurn the Ship AroundTusken Raiders
Twinkie the KidTwo and a Half MenTy
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