• In the previous episode, during Peter's trial, Chris is wearing his cap. However, at the beginning of this episode, which begins seemingly only a few seconds after the last one ended, the cap has disappeared.
  • In the revisited scene where Lois is underwater, she is shown bleeding from around her chest. However, as seen in the previous episode, there were wounds on her shoulders, which are now missing. When she resurfaces and is brought to shore, her wounds disappear completely.
  • Lois deliberately shoots up the portrait of President Bush, leaving a trail of bullets among the other portraits. When later seen, Bush's portrait is barely even touched with the exception of one bullet shot and there is no trail of bullets.
  • During Stewie's American Idol audition, Randy is shown with a gold bracelet on his right wrist. When Paula starts to talk, the bracelet switches to his left wrist.
  • Several of Stewie and Lois' cuts and blood spots disappear and reappear from scene to scene during the fight.
  • Stewie's injuries:
    • Lois hits Stewie with a vase, after which his hands are covered in blood. By the time he starts jingling the pins from Lois' grenades, these stains disappear. They reappear during the scene when Lois surrenders.
    • Lois scratches Stewie's eyes with her nails, which clearly leave marks. Within the same scene, the scratches disappear.
  • Lois' injuries:
    • Stewie jumps up and kicks Lois in the nose, causing it to bleed. The blood disappears completely when Lois starts attacking Stewie with a flagpole.
    • A scratch on Lois' left cheek mysteriously appears when she starts attacking with the pole. When Stewie starts using a flamethrower, the scratch disappears.
    • Lois' mouth is smothered in blood when Stewie begins knocking her in the face with his head. By the next scene, there is no blood.
    • When Lois and Peter hold each other at the end of the battle, there is blood around the areas of her ears; this blood was not present anywhere before.

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