Loretta Marie Callender Brown was Cleveland Brown's ex-wife and mother of Cleveland Brown, Jr.. The marriage ended when she had an affair with Glenn Quagmire, one of her husband's best friends in "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire".

She cheated on Cleveland with Quagmire because Cleveland's emotionless personality did not provide her the "passion" she desired. After Cleveland found out, they split up. However, they still have feelings for each other in "Love, Blactually". To get revenge on Cleveland for taking Brian's girlfriend away, Brian and Stewie lie to her, saying that Cleveland wants her back. She returns, much to the displeasure of Lois and Peter, who do not want Cleveland to take her back. Peter persuades Quagmire to have sex with her, but she angrily declines, saying she has changed and still loves Cleveland. However, although he loves her, he says that their relationship was a thing of the past, and he wants her to live her life.

Character Retirement

The character was written out of Family Guy largely at the behest of Alex Borstein, who complained the deep gravelly female voice of Loretta was too demanding of her voice.

The Cleveland Show and Death

Despite the amicable parting on Family Guy, The "Pilot" of The Cleveland Show showed Loretta as being spiteful towards Cleveland during their divorce, taking possession of their old house while leaving Jr. with him. Following her death, she leaves her estate to Jr. in "You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown" under the stipulation that none of it is used for her ex-husband.

Loretta's death occurred in "Gone With the Wind" when she was killed when Peter accidentally dropped a brontosaurus skeleton onto her house in a parody of the running gag where Peter causes Cleveland's house to be destroyed and him falling onto the lawn in the bath tub, but this time, she fell out of the tub and broke her neck. Cleveland's new wife Donna, claims that Peter told her that Loretta had also slept with Mayor Adam West, Ollie Williams, Frank Sinatra Jr., and the Greased-up Deaf Guy.

Post-Death Family Guy Mentions

Peter crank-calls Cleveland in "Baby Got Black" and pretends to be Loretta, having faked her own death to trick the IRS.

Episode Appearances

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