• Meg has no lines in the episode.
  • Originally, Adam West was going to officiate the wedding instead, but he passed away before his lines were recorded.[1]
  • "Safari Song" by Greta Van Fleet plays during the bucket list montage.
  • Jess' bucket lists consists of:
    • Roof of a Pizza Hut
    • Bathroom of a Pizza Hut
    • In Pizza Hut delivery car
    • Domino's
    • Helicopter
    • In an elevator
    • Stagecoach
    • In arcade section of Pizza Hut
    • Back of moving pickup truck
    • McDonald's PlayPlace
    • Hardware store - toilet aisle
    • In a car parked at industrial park
    • At Moe's Tavern
    • With Tom Brady
    • Inside a car on a truck that hauls cars
    • On a boat
    • While doing my job as a school photographer
    • Bungee Jumping
    • While holding an Emmy
    • Aboard The Orville
    • Costco cart return area
    • Inside MRI machine (turned off?)
    • Through the "100" hole in skeeball machine
    • Threesome with a tree like in Avatar
    • Quahog Opera House (box)
    • Gas station bathroom
    • With an Asian man watching from the corner as he smokes cigarettes and strokes a gun
    • Roller coaster
  • Brian asks for 9-1-1 when Jess collapses from choking, a FOX bumper for the show 9-1-1 appears in the corner of the screen to Brian's frustration. When he calls them out for expanding the 'media empire,' another plug for the show Empire appears. When he asks for the then-canceled show Son of Zorn, he is amused when a 'file not found' sign appears.
  • Lou Spinazola returns from the story arc where Brian moved out starting in "The D in Apartment 23".
  • Peter's muscle relaxant Tinazidine is a real drug. [2]

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