Hey hey we're the Monkees!

Peter suffers a stroke.

Season: 6 Episode: 8
Total Episode Count: 106
Prod. no.: 5ACX19
First Aired: January 13, 2008

Guest Starring: Ricardo Montalban
Featuring: Peter Griffin
Also Appearing: Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian, Mr. Monopoly, Connie DiMico, Gina, Will Smith, Bruce, Todd Meyers, Helen Hunt, Dr. Hartman, Wimpy, Meowsy McDermott, Robin Williams, Mr. Cow, Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons, Judge, Rupert, Meaty the Quick-to-Anger Clown
Musical Numbers: It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), Will Smith Nice Clean Rap

Director: Brian Iles

Assistant Director: Dominic Bianchi
Writers: Wellesley Wild
Storyboarders: Spencer Laudiero, Mark Covell

McBurgertown 1

Peter decides to grow a mustache, since he believes his life will be better that way. It is for awhile, until he is mistaken for a fireman because they apparently all have mustaches. He lends a hand when a fire breaks out at a local fast food restaurant called "McBurgertown". Peter saves the life of the owner, but loses his mustache in the process. The grateful owner gives him unlimited burgers as a “thank you”. True to form, however he eats so many that he has a stroke, leaving his left side entirely numb for months. When Peter recovers via a stem-cell treatment, he vows to expose the fast-food company and, after infiltrating the McBurgertown headquarters and slaughterhouse, becomes friends with the genetically engineered cow who blows the whistle on the company's practices.


Meanwhile, Stewie makes a bet with Brian that he can become the coolest kid in James Woods High. He puts on a cool disguise and successfully becomes the most popular kid in school. He asks Connie DiMico out to a movie and later to have sex, but Connie finds out he has a small penis. The next day, she tells everyone and humiliates Stewie. When Stewie goes to talk to her, they have an apology kiss. But Stewie reveals he's a baby and gets revenge by humiliating Connie by getting her arrested for inappropriately kissing a naked baby.

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