• When Peter punches Quagmire, the people behind him disappear for about 4 video frames.
  • The guitar on "Earth Angel" can still be heard even when Brian is clearly not playing.
  • When Brian sings the high note at the country club, Ernie the Giant Chicken is missing in the view, though he was clearly dancing next to Lois and Peter.
  • Peter and Cleveland dance to the "Axel F" theme from Beverly Hills Cop. But the film didn't come out until December 1984 and the song wasn't released until 1985.
  • When Menstrual Ms. Pac-Man is being played, Ms. Pac-Man doesn't move her mouth while eating the dots.
  • When Death says he brought Peter to the exact same moment, he already did, but in the first time, Lois passed them and in the second time, she was already in the water.

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