• Jerome mentions that his daughter has gone off to college, graduated and had a good paying job. Pam, his only daughter shown on the series to date, dated Chris briefly in "Baby Got Back".
  • Peter still communicates and messages "I love you" in emails with his high school girlfriend.
  • In order to convert Meg's room into a gym, Stewie mentions taking a 'Limitless' male enhancement pill and playing "Old Town Road" on loop.
  • Despite having hundreds of chapters worldwide, Alpha Delta Pi (Α Δ π) has none at Brown University.
  • When Peter mentions he's 'feeling the burn' from his hippie girlfriends lack of showering, Meg at first questions if he using 'Feel the Bern', the motto of Bernie Sanders supporters during his unsuccessful Presidential campaigns.
  • Meg sings "Love is a Battlefield" in Russian. Voice actress Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine and Russian is her first language.[1]
  • Following the episode broadcast, a Family Guy Public Service Announcement was issued to encourage young people to get the Covid-19 vaccine.[2]

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