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Mike Barker is a former writer for Family Guy and co-executive producer of American Dad!. Over the years, Barker has also worked on such television shows as "Father of the Pride", "Off Center" and "Homeboys in Outer Space". Barker has also done a various number of voices on both Family Guy and American Dad!. His writing partner was fellow former Family Guy writer and American Dad! co-creator Matt Weitzman.

He provided a cameo voice as a homosexual man in "Valentine's Day in Quahog".

Episodes Written with Matt Weitzman


  • American Dad! (2005) - (creator) (writer)
  • Father of the Pride (2004) - (writer)
  • Off Centre (2001) - (writer)
  • Family Guy (1999) - (writer)
  • Homeboys in Outer Space (1996) - (writer)

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