• The title is a reference to the phrase "mind over matter."
  • "Shake me like a British nanny" is a reference to Louise Woodward, a British au pair, was convicted of shaking to death an 8-month old boy in her care in 1997.
Tim Allen
  • When one of Lois’ piano students makes an error, Stewie yells to him "E-flat, Salieri, E-flat!", referring to Antonio Salieri, a composer who was a rival of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • The opening scene of a man eating "Mintos" before shooting another man at the theater parodies the advertisements for the candy, Mentos.
  • Peter says he's like Tim Allen because he has a criminal record and builds stuff. A reference to Tim Allen's prison sentence for cocaine.
  • Peter has a vision of the Pawtucket Patriot from his beer bottle label and opens a bar in his basement, a nod to Field of Dreams.

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