• Lois's agent's name, Karin Perrotta is named after the post-production supervisor and later associate producer of the same name.
  • In Lois’ high-school bedroom, there’s a KISS poster hanging on the wall, although Lois admitted in "Road to Europe" that she was never a fan of KISS, although this might have been because she was sleeping with Gene at the time.
  • In the Griffin living room, Stewie's portrait has been altered to show him in his suit that he wears in this episode.
  • The buttons on Stewie's phone are Big Bird, Grover, Ernie, and The Count.
  • The music sung by the "Four Peters" is "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, using Peter's laugh.
  • A worm in Brian’s stomach says that even though he knows nothing of the world outside the dog, he still thinks the television show Six Feet Under is pretentious.
  • When Brian gets a job at Stewie’s Cash$cam, Stewie tells Brian “If Cookie Monster calls, tell him I’m not talking to him until he gets out of rehab.” Later in the episode, Lois sees him as a desperate, jittery addict, seated in a bathroom stall of the Drunken Clam trying to freebase cookie dough using a spoon and a cigarette lighter. Earlier in the episode, the monster also screams “You guys are freaking Nazis, man” when he is discovered with hiding cookies in his room at the rehab clinic.
  • The founding fathers are shown debating on whether to call the state of Rhode Island “Rhode Island” or “Cacapoopoopeepeeshire.” They eventually decided on flipping a coin to make the decision and RI prevailed. The comical sounding name is a portmanteau word fusing the Spanish slang word for feces (caca), poopoo, peepee, and the place name suffix: -shire. In Spanish it was translated as Cacapupupipílandia;literally, caca, poopoo (pupu), peepee (pipí), and -landia meaning land, replacing -shire; it therefore translates back to English as “Shitpoopoopeepeeland.”
  • The song the evil monkey is listening to is "Slow Ride" by Foghat.
  • When Stewie is in Lois’s room as a teenager, he sees a trophy. He refers to this trophy as the second most impressive trophy he has ever seen. He then thinks of the first most impressive trophy and then a clip is shown where bachelor Stewie calls out “Album of the year goes to Justin Timberlake.” When Timberlake walks onstage to accept, Stewie clubs him in the face with the trophy, then says “Actually, it goes to Nelly...Nelly.” In actuality, Nelly and Timberlake never competed in the same year for Album of the Year, and both lost.
  • "Balloon knot" is a slang term for anus. Howard Stern was fined for using this term on-air during an interview.
  • Stewie’s line to Brian “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” is very similar to a quote attributed to Henry Ford.
  • In Commonwealth Countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom, the episode is named "Model Misbehaviour" this keeps in line with other Commonwealth Spellings, colour, humour, armour, favour etc.[1]
  • When Meg gets her first period, this would be years before Joe had moved next door, although he is heard commenting.
  • While playing the DVD containing this episode, after the Griffins win the boat race and Lois holds up a newspaper, then, if looked closely at or while paused, the headline on the newspaper reads “DVDS PAUSED FOR HEADLINE GAG, MILLIONS DISAPPOINTED.”, a nod to sister show American Dad!'s headline gags from the first three seasons.
  • Stewie asks Brian to get rid of the “Life’s a Beach” coffee mug because the “other employees” find it offensive. Brian then asks who else works at Cash$cam and Stewie replies “Fuck you, that’s who works here!” The “fuck” is bleeped out on FOX and Adult Swim, but can be heard on the uncensored track of the DVD.
  • Per the DVD commentary for "Turkey Guys", the character of Karin Parotta or originally pitched as "Karin Shneller", a friend of Steve Callaghan. Steve reported that Seth MacFarlane changed the name to something he considered more realistic.

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