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  • The position of the hands used by the "Four Peters" is the same as used in The Sound of Music.
  • John Hinckley, Jr. fires the starting pistol at the regatta, then walks away with Jodie Foster. In 1981 Hinckley attempted to murder Ronald Reagan in order to impress Foster, with whom he was obsessed. Her subsequent dialog refers to the fact that Jodie Foster is widely assumed to be a lesbian, coming out as such in 2013.[1]
  • The Maxell “Blown Away Guy” is parodied during the flashback when Carter initially disapproves of Lois’s modeling career.
  • When Peter asks Lois “aren’t you going to go do your little turn on the cat walk, Lois, on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk. Do your little turn on the catwalk?” he makes reference to the 1990s song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.
  • When the evil monkey from Chris’ closet lies on Chris’ bed, this duplicates a scene when Mitch Kramer lies in his bed from the film Dazed and Confused, except that the evil monkey rolls himself a joint, while Mitch did not.
  • One of Lois’s photoshoot when the dog is tearing off her underwear, is a parody of the Coppertone girl.
  • "Shawshanking" is a reference to The Shawshank Redemption, where the main character escaped through a sewer pipe.
  • Rob Schneider's line "makin' copies!" was the catchphrase of "The Richmeister," a character he played on Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s.

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