• The music sung by the "Four Peters" is Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart, using Peter's trademark laugh.
  • A worm in Brian’s stomach says that even though he knows nothing of the world outside the dog, he still thinks Six Feet Under is pretentious.
  • Stewie talks to Grover on a play phone.
  • When Brian gets a job at Stewie’s Cash$cam, Stewie tells Brian “If Cookie Monster calls, tell him I’m not talking to him until he gets out of rehab.” Later in the episode, Lois sees him as a desperate, jittery addict, seated in a bathroom stall of the Drunken Clam trying to freebase cookie dough using a spoon and a cigarette lighter. Earlier in the episode, the monster also screams “You guys are freaking Nazis, man” when he is discovered with hiding cookies in his room at the rehab clinic.
  • John Hinckley fires the starting pistol at the regatta, then walks away with Jodie Foster. In 1981 Hinckley attempted to murder Ronald Reagan in order to impress Foster, with whom he was obsessed. Her subsequent dialogue refers to the fact that Jodie Foster is widely assumed to be a lesbian.
  • The famous Maxell “Blown Away Guy” is parodied during the flashback when Carter initially disapproves of Lois’s modeling career.
  • The founding fathers are shown debating on whether to call the state of Rhode Island “Rhode Island” or “Cacapoopoopeepeeshire.” They eventually decided on flipping a coin to make the decision and RI prevailed. The comical sounding name is a portmanteau word fusing the Spanish slang word for feces (caca), poopoo, peepee, and the place name suffix: -shire. In Spanish it was translated as Cacapupupipílandia—literally, caca, poopoo (pupu), peepee (pipí), and -landia meaning land, replacing -shire; it therefore translates back to English as “Shitpoopoopeepeeland.”
  • When Peter asks Lois “aren’t you going to go do your little turn on the cat walk, Lois, on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk. Do your little turn on the catwalk?” he makes reference to the 1990s song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred.
  • When the evil monkey from Chris’ closet lies on Chris’ bed, this duplicates a scene when Mitch Kramer lies in his bed from the film Dazed and Confused, except that the evil monkey rolls himself a joint, while Mitch did not.
  • The song the evil monkey is listening to is Slow Ride.
  • Stewie’s line to Brian “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” is very similar to a quote attributed to Henry Ford.
  • One of Lois’s photoshoot (when the dog is tearing off her underwear), is a parody of the Coppertone girl.
  • In the crowd on the yacht scene one of the ladies closely resembles Veronica Lake.
  • When Stewie is in Lois’s room as a teenager, he sees a trophy. He refers to this trophy as the second most impressive trophy he has ever seen. He then thinks of the first most impressive trophy and then a clip is shown where bachelor Stewie calls out “Album of the year goes to Justin Timberlake.” When Timberlake walks onstage to accept, Stewie clubs him in the face with the trophy, then says “Actually, it goes to Nelly...Nelly.”
  • Balloon knot - slang term for anus. Howard Stern was fined for using this term on-air during an interview
  • Shawshanking - reference to The Shawshank Redemption, were the main character escaped through spectacular efforts.

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