• Peter mistakes Chris' name for 'Keith' while Lois mistakes Meg's for 'Mary'.
  • Lois thinks schools should be a safe space where they only get shot sometimes.
  • Narren's Books is named for storyboard artist Michael Narren.
  • The Griffin's wi-fi is 'joeswansonguest'.
    • This is the second episode where the Griffins steal Joe's wi-fi. The first is "This Little Piggy".
  • When attempting to speak French, Chris mentions actor Gérard Depardieu.
    • After getting locked in the basement, Meg shouts "Allahu Akbar!" (الله أكبر / God is Great!), often associated with Muslims who shout it while engaged in Jihad.[1]
  • Stewie's Instagram is @stewartgriffin1.

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