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===she was stabbed and killed, bye.===
She was stabbed and killed in "[[And Then There Were Fewer]]" by [[Diane Simmons]] for discovering her attempting to frame Tom Tucker for the murder of James Woods, leaving Mort a widower and Neil motherless. She was one of the many people to be wronged by James Woods who invited them to dinner in his mansion to make amends after being a born-again Christian after he talked her into selling him drugs from her husband's pharmacy. When this was discovered everyone thought she was the murderer but this was proved false when they found her body after Diane stabbed her.
After Muriel's death, Mort finds himself in financial trouble in "[[Burning Down the Bayit]]" as he isn't able to cheat the customers the way she could. With Peter and Quagmire, they plot to burn down the pharmacy to collect the insurance. But Peter slips up and Joe arrests them, only to let them free when they bring back memories of how an insurance company screwed Joe after his paralyzing accident.
==Episode Appearances==
==Episode Appearances==

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Muriel Goldman was the wife of Mort Goldman and the mother of Neil Goldman. She appeared many times during the series with her family.

She was voiced by Nicole Sullivan.


she was stabbed and killed, bye.

Episode Appearances

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