Nancy Postal Lady

Nancy the Postal Lady is Spooner Street's mail carrier. She first appeared in "Death Has a Shadow", delivering welfare checks to Peter Griffin, and gave one to his wife Lois, with both not knowing that Peter was committing welfare fraud.

She tried out for Peter's production of The King and I in "The King Is Dead". She is seen in uniform trying to find out what part she was cast in.

Nancy delivers Brian and Stewie's glue solvent in "Stuck Together, Torn Apart".

She was later one of Peter's Mormon wives in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz". His 'marriages' end when he is reminded by his Mormon wives that he couldn't be a Mormon and drink alcoholic beverages as he is later seen dragging multiple bags to the trash.

Nancy is voiced by Lori Alan.

She is seen in a hallucination of Peter's on a cruise ship full of deceased characters in the Panama Canal in "Coma Guy".

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