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Natalia is the Belarusian nanny hired with help from Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt in "Nanny Goats".

When Peter's attempt to raise goats wreck the house just prior to a visit by Lois' parents, they decide that she needs help with the kids and hire a nanny. She has such a good influence on the children, that Peter and Lois find they have time to go out together again. When they return drunk from a night out, they find they had arranged to go away together for a weekend and decide to follow though on it.

Meanwhile, Natalia reveals to Stewie that she is really an assassin intent on taking out Fievel Mousekewitz. She also tells of having made some enemies from her native Belarus who come for revenge. With Stewie in tow, she manages to kill most of her pursuers. Hopping aboard a small jet, she straps a parachute on Stewie and tosses him back toward his home as she flies away, leaving him to want another ride when he lands.

Natalia is voiced by Alex Borstein.

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