Nifty Fifties Diner

Nifty Fifties Diner is the 1950s-themed restaurant where the Griffins dined at in "I Dream of Jesus".

The waiters dress as celebrities from the decade and also as typical citizens, even with one suffering from polio, a disease wiped out by vaccines created in the 1950s. Any black person who tries to enter is hosed out by police officers and barked at by dogs who attack if they don't comply. This happened with Cleveland Brown in the episode, however he did comply. This is because the 1950s is also characterized by the Civil Rights movement, however it is unknown why a restaurant in Rhode Island, a northern state, would incorporate segregation laws into the theme. The Civil Rights movement did not succeed until 1964. Peter Griffin finds out that his favorite song "Surfin' Bird" is in the jukebox, and dances to it. However, the employees realize that song wasn't released until 1963 and remove it. Peter talks the staff into giving him the record.

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