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Ollie Williams is the weatherman with the BlaccuWeather forecast and the sports correspondent for Channel 5 Action News who first appeared in the episode "Mr. Saturday Knight". Like fellow Quahog Channel 5 News member, Tricia Takanawa, he is a parody of racial tokenism within television news.

His appearances are usually brief and last for perhaps one second, and features a short phrase that is yelled very quickly. In "420", Williams is so high on marijuana he calmly reports the weather. In "Lois Kills Stewie", he helps co-worker Tom Tucker recap the events of "Stewie Kills Lois".

He punches Peter Griffin in "Peter-assment". Peter had decided to become paparazzo, using local celebrities as his subjects. Not only did Williams punch Griffin, but he broke his video camera and glasses. To date, this is his longest on-screen appearance.

Ollie was referred to in "And Then There Were Fewer" by Tom Tucker who states he misses him.

Ollie was doing the weather in "Excellence in Broadcasting", and answered Tom's question as to where Diane Simmons was.

For the Channel 5 News Theme in "And I'm Joyce Kinney", he helps a hobo.

He is revealed to be an alcoholic, as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous in "Friends of Peter G". He was once able to talk in complete sentences, but due to drinking, can only talk in short staccato ever since. It is also mentioned that he doesn't like Cher.

Ali Williams is his great-great-great-great-grandfather, and he too was a news reporter.

He appears dressed as Consuela in "A Lot Going On Upstairs" when Brian tries to fool Stewie by dressing the family and neighbors as each other.

Tricia and Ollie swap bodies in "Switch the Flip".

In "Don't Be a Dickens At Christmas", Ollie celebrates Christmas with his family and tells his son that he got coal because he was bad.

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