The Pawtucket Red Sox (known colloquially as the PawSox) are the minor league baseball Triple-A affiliates of the Boston Red Sox and belong to the International League. They play their home games at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

In "Holy Crap", Peter Griffin took his father Francis to a PawSox home game.

When Peter Griffin is lead to believe a restaurant placemat is a treasure map in "Finders Keepers", clues lead the town to the island to dig up Timmy. Inside the coffin, they discover another clue that sends most of the town to McCoy Stadium where they dig up the field searching and end up in fights with each other in their effort to find the treasure.

When Peter finds himself one of the only active persons in the Eastern United States after a severe bout of the flu in "Fecal Matters", he goes to Fenway Park to pretend that he's a Boston Red Sox baseball player. But when he strikes out in his fantasy, he demotes himself to the Pawtucket Red Sox. When he strikes out again, he demotes himself to the AA team in Bristol Connecticut.

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