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Peter's Wife's Cookies is the cookie store that Peter and Lois open after her cookies inspire Peter at a blood drive in "Baking Bad".

Going to the bank to get a loan, their cookies win over the manager, Cookie Monster. After acquiring a shop, they find that business isn't as steady as they had hoped. Taking Quagmire's advice that sex sells, Lois finds that Peter has employed bikini beauties, Cookie, Sugar, Spice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar & Butter to work the shop. Lois is angry until she finds that the stunt has made a lot of money. Peter takes the stunt to the extreme by turning the cookie store into a strip club as Lois finally calls it quits. An apologetic Peter arrives home and admits he was wrong, and also brings Lois a personalized cookie as well. Lois gets out of the loan by turning the shop back over to the bank run by Cookie Monster.