FGuy Peterassment 0042F
Angela grabs Peter's ass.

Peter becomes a victim of sexual harassment.

Season: 8 Episode: 14
Total Episode Count: 140
Prod. no.: 7ACX16
First Aired: March 21, 2010

Guest Starring: Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss, Harvey Levin, Max Hodges
Featuring: Peter Griffin, Angela
Also Appearing: Stewie Griffin, Chris Griffin, Meg Griffin, Lois Griffin, Brian Griffin, Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Mort Goldman, Mayor Adam West, Tom Tucker, Ollie Williams, Horace, Jared, "The Guy in the White Hat" Griffin, Richard Dreyfuss, Rene Russo, Robert Mitchum, Harvey Levin, Max Hodges, Ron, Paul Uncensored version: Rubik, the Amazing Cube
Musical Numbers: Terri Schiavo: The Musical

Director: Julius Wu

Assistant Director: John Banh
Writers: Chris Sheridan
Storyboarders: Steve Fonti, Jeff Stewart

FGuy Peterassment 0023F

Peter and Lois go to watch Stewie's first musical and record it on camera. Instead, Peter records Richard Dreyfuss. He sent the tape to TV and got paid for it, so he decided to become full-time paparazzo.

He records Tom Tucker and Mayor Adam West, but when he tries to record Ollie Williams, Ollie breaks his camera lens and glasses. The next day he went to his job wearing contacts. His boss, Angela found him very attractive and started harassing him. Eventually, she demanded that he visits her home, threatening to fire him if he refuses. He and Quagmire developed a plan: Peter will hide Quagmire in his pants, and then he will have sex with Angela, instead of Peter. However, Glenn finds Angela repulsive and runs away. Peter refuses to have sex with her and Angela fires him.

FGuy Peterassment 0293F

At the Drunken Clam, he watches some old movie starring Robert Mitchum who gives him a pep talk on how to be a real man circa 1950s. He returns to Angela's home to beat her, only to discover her attempting to kill herself. Angela confides in him that no man has found her attractive for 10 years, so Peter sets up a date for her with his "friend," who is, in fact, Peter wearing a disguise. They end up having sex and Angela reveals that she recognized Peter and gave him his job back.

Later in The Drunken Clam, Peter reveals that he convinced Mort to have sex with Angela in the same manner that he and Glenn planned earlier.

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