• The title and plot of this episode is a reference to the 1982 film, Poltergeist.
  • The cutaway with Dick Cheney references his shooting a family friend in the face. Cheney said he was aiming for a quail.
  • When Peter says "We're gonna get those terrorists. Now watch this drive", its a reference to a quote by President George W. Bush while playing golf, later used in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.[1]
  • Herbert's battle with the evil tree is a parody of Gandalf's battle with the Balrog in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The scene where Carrot Top runs into a room full of mirrors and Peter chases after him is a reference to a scene from the Bruce Lee film Enter The Dragon.
  • When Peter sticks his head out of the portal in Meg's butt, he says "Gee, must've taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque!" a reference to a Bugs Bunny catch phrase.
  • When Joe Swanson builds a home theater, he has a Joe Swanson Theatres logo which is a parody of the 1984-1993 TriStar Pictures logo.
  • Like the camera operator from Poltergeist, Peter tears the skin of his face off looking into the bathroom mirror, but he turns into Hank Hill instead of a bloody face. Peter laughs about it and says the word “propane,” which is a commonly-mentioned topic on King of the Hill.
  • Stewie running into the bathroom and beating Peter up while he’s on the toilet is a reference to an act from an episode of Jackass, in which Bam Margera does the same thing to his father Phil Margera. The bit uses the name “Stew-O,” a parody of Steve-O but it was in fact Bam Margera, not Steve-O.
  • Home Supply is a play on Home Depot.
  • In a cutaway, John Travolta’s marriage to Kelly Preston is parodied, with John accidentally saying he wants to touch Kelly’s penis, alluding to rumors that Travolta is gay.
  • The episode’s closing scene spoofs the closing scene of Poltergeist, with Lois pushing the television outside the front door. It then spoofs closing scene in The Flintstones with Peter taking the television back inside and replacing it with Meg.
  • Peter names the discovered skull “Chief Diamond Phillips,” a reference to Native American actor Lou Diamond Phillips. Carrot Top also calls the skull by that name. He also says that if you put the skull with David Duchovny, that it’s agent Skully, a play on Agent Scully's name.
  • While Stewie is watching the static TV, a rather scary hand-like lightning bolt zaps the picture behind Peter and Lois’ bed. As they wake up, Brian asks what is happening, and Stewie replies in a sing-song voice, “They’re here...” referencing the catch phrase from the Poltergeist films.
  • The spirit medium’s monologue resembles the speech done by Hayes in King Kong.
  • While kneeling next to the television, Stewie has a conversation about the TV shows Friends, and the spin-off Joey. He mentions that the former ended with; "Oh, Ross and Rachel got back together again", and that the latter isn't going so well, referencing the poor ratings Joey received.
  • Herbert's line "Are you a giving tree or a receiving tree?" is a reference to the children's book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

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