Pilot Pitch 1

Pilot Pitch
The original test pilot

Season: 0 Episode: 00
Total Episode Count: 0
Prod. no.: 0
First Aired: Unaired

Guest Starring: Rachael MacFarlane as Meg, Butch Hartman as Jonathan Weed
Featuring: Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Meg
Also Appearing: Quagmire, Cleveland, Charlie, Jonathan Weed, Johnson, Mike Tucker, Diane Simmons, God, The Brady Bunch, Tom Hanks, G.I. Jew, Pound Poochies, Baby Heimlich
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Writers: Seth MacFarlane
Storyboarders: Seth MacFarlane

Plot: The episode closely follows the beginning of "Death Has a Shadow". After an interlude of the family watching The Brady Bunch, the scene shifts to the kitchen. Just as Stewie completes his mind control device, Lois takes it away mistaking it for a toy. The family talks about Peter's attending a friends stag party. After Lois cautions Peter about drinking and extracts a promise not to drink, Peter proceeds to drink anyways. Exhausted, Peter neglects his job as toy inspector and a number of dangerous items pass him by and he is fired. Peter is shown trying out as a spokesman for CoCo Puffs, as a salad bar sneeze guard, and in a talent show. The episode ends at this point.

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