• This episode shows that Herbert understands what Stewie is saying.
  • This is the first episode where Chris questions Herbert about being a pedophile. He has been completely oblivious prior to this episode.
  • When asked if Cleveland can watch the kids, Peter states that he is touring with Black Box.
  • During the scene in which Peter and Lois enter their hotel room on Martha's Vineyard, Lois states that she feels like one of the Kennedys.
  • When Brian comes into the Lois and Peter's hotel room in the morning, Lois notices his fragrance, and Brian tells her it's Hartz Mountain Flea Dip.
  • At the carnival, Lois and Brian receive a Stewie stuffed doll, which is a common prize at many fairs/boardwalks.
  • Stewie and Herbert play the game Scattergories. but apparently, Herbert would have preferred watching Boy Meets World.
  • Lois and Brian watch Roman Holiday.
  • Peter tells Brian that he can't hold on to a girlfriend, comparing Jillian to Lou Ferrigno.
  • When Lois and Brian have their portrait drawn, the artist draws them as Jane Jetson & Snoopy.
  • In the ending dance number of "The Spirit of Massachusetts", Mr. Quint from Jaws is dancing behind Peter.
  • There seems to be an issue of product placement in this episode. When Peter finds out that Brian made a move on Lois, he finds Brian drinking in the hotel bar. Practically, every table has people drinking 'Pawtucket Patriot' beer, and after the fight, when they are pulled apart, there's and obvious placement of a bottle behind Brian's head as he makes his excuses...
  • After Peter marries Nathan Lane, he believes gay people can't get married, but in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives", he witnesses a gay wedding.
  • As a bedtime story for Chris, Herbert reads the story Peter & The Wolf even whistling the theme composed by Sergei Prokofiev.
  • Part of Brian's speech comes from some narration from the film Summer of '42, which he openly admits near the end.

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