Pop Culture Shock Therapy is a daily comic panel by New Jersey cartoonist Doug Bratton and published by Ink Bottle Syndicate that parodies entertainment media, from television and film to cartoon characters and celebrities.

The May 6th, 2015 edition of the strip features Bob Barker on The Price is Right performing his usual service announcement of having pets spayed out neutered, to the horror of the contestant's dogs, which features Peter and Brian, as well as Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

The March 23, 2016 comic strip features Peter being attacked by Wilma Flintstone as Bugs Bunny boils in a pot. The punchline for the strip is "The Cartoon Network's Fatal Attraction."

The strip for September 8, 2016 features Stewie Griffin belittling Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, noting that even though they are supposed to be cute Disney characters, he will eat them at a Chinese buffet some day.

Homer Simpson catches Quagmire in bed with Marge in the September 19th, 2016 strip. Quagmire's response is a simple "Giggity, giggity, giggity."

Brian complains to Marmaduke that Snoopy spends too much time in the "sniffing butt" introduction phase in the May 10th, 2018 comic.

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