• Dr. Hartman giving a sex change to Ida Quagmire adds to the list of types of medicine he practices. This list already includes gynecologist, family practitioner, pediatrician, and others.
  • Peter tells Quagmire that he'll sing songs from the 1980's when Dan comes out with his sex change to make it seem like a montage in an 80's movie. When Dan comes out as Ida, Peter starts singing 1983's "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves.
  • Brian barfs for 29 seconds.
  • When Brian states that people that had a sex change were supposed to notify the neighborhood, this is actually for Sex Offenders.
  • When Brian tells Quagmire that he had sex with his dad, this mirrors the last line from "420" when Peter tells Quagmire that he killed James, his cat.
  • The opening credit for executive producer Steve Callaghan pops in and out without a fade. Every other credit has these fades.
  • Quagmire says his dad is visiting, but in "Fore Father", he says to Chris "At least you have a dad. When I was growing up, it was just me and my mom.". However this could have merely meant that his father was away on duty often and was practically raised by his mother as he never stated his father left them.
  • Quagmire is out of uniform at the Officer's Club party in honor of his father, despite the fact Glen Quagmire is also a veteran.
  • When Ida hands Lois the crumble she made for dinner, Lois hands it to Meg and tells her to throw it away in the outside garbage can. In the next scene, however, the crumble is sitting on the dinner table.
  • In the uncensored version, instead of texting "So ducking gay", Peter draws a big gay phoque on a sketch pad. Phoque is French for 'seal'. This is also related to another scene removed from the original broadcast at the very beginning, in which Peter helps Chris remember that phoque is French for seal by drawing pictures of seals in positions that would constitute using "phoque" in the same place where "fuck" would be used in common sayings e.g, A seal throwing up is a "sick phoque/sick fuck", a seal twisted and throwing up is a "sick twisted phoque/sick twisted fuck", and a group of seals is a "cluster phoque/clusterfuck."

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