Ramada is a large hotel chain owned and operated by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

When Peter and Carter find they've been used by Tricia Takanawa for an exposé in "Carter and Tricia", they hatch a plan to embarrass her at an awards dinner held at the Ramada by spiking her drink, causing her to simultaneously vomit, orgasm and have diarrhea. After causing a distraction that allows them to successfully spike the drink, They observe Tricia's mother Irene Takanawa berating her and realize that perhaps that not only was she hampered by her upbringing, but Peter also realizes that he was using her as a replacement for his deceased mom. He leaps in to take the drink and experiences the consequences.

Stewie and Clint Beltran hold their wedding reception at a Ramada in "Shanksgiving".

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