Ricardo is a Filipino man married to Jasper, the cousin of Brian Griffin.

He first appears in "Brian Does Hollywood", when Jasper returns home from working at Club Med, and decides to bring him home. Jasper's employment at Club Med allowed Brian to stay at his Los Angeles apartment.

He reappears in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives", and is referred to as "a skinny, hairless Filipino boy". The two seemingly remained in an apparently very fulfilling relationship, as they reveal that they became engaged to be married. The marriage almost didn't happen, due to Mayor Adam West's attempts at banning gay marriage. Brian however managed to overturn the banning, using extreme measures. Jasper and Ricardo were married soon after in the Griffins' garden.

In the opening of "PTV", Jasper and Ricardo make a cameo appearance when Stewie is riding on his big wheel through the gay parade.

Jasper and Ricardo attend Brian's funeral in "Life of Brian".


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