Awfully Different

Road to Europe
Stewie and Brian go to Europe.

Season: 3 Episode: 20
Total Episode Count: 48
Prod. no.: 3ACX13
First Aired: February 7, 2002

Guest Starring: Gene Simmons, Andy Dick, Jon Favreau
Featuring: Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian
Also Appearing: Chris, Meg, KISS, The Pope, Dave Campbell, Dotty Campbell, Donny Sciberra, Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Rooney, Mother Maggie, Pengrove Pig, Melody Sheep, Chucky
Musical Numbers: You and I are So Awfully Different, Rock and Roll All Nite

Director: Dan Povenmire

Assistant Director: Sarah Frost
Writers: Daniel Palladino
Storyboarders: Won Ki Cho, Greg Lovell, Eric Moxcey, Brett Varon

Jolly Farm Review

Stewie is entranced by a British TV program called Jolly Farm Revue. Lamenting his future in Quahog, Stewie decides to travel to Jolly Farm and live there forever. He sneaks aboard a transatlantic flight, intending to travel to London and find the BBC where Jolly Farm is filmed. Brian chases after him, only to discover that they have landed in Saudi Arabia instead. Stewie and Brian perform a musical number together as a diversion in order to steal a camel, which dies from exhaustion in the middle of the desert.

At a nearby Comfort Inn, they steal a hot air balloon and gradually make their way to Vatican City, offending The Pope for good measure, then travel by train from Switzerland to Munich and get inadvertently stoned in Amsterdam. Upon finally arriving at the BBC studios, Stewie is horrified to learn that there is no actual farm and his beloved characters are mere actors. Disillusioned, he travels back home with Brian and replaces his love of Jolly Farm Revue with a love of “funky fruit hats.”


Peter is overjoyed to hear about KISS Stock, a five-night set of concerts in New England by his favorite band. He and Lois dress in face paint and leather, and stand only feet from the stage. When Gene Simmons points the microphone at Lois, encouraging her to sing the next line of "Rock and Roll All Nite", Peter is humiliated to discover that she does not know the words. He accuses her of only pretending to be a KISS enthusiast, and they leave the concerts in disgrace.

To punish himself, Peter stops at a Denny’s on the way home, where KISS happens also to have stopped. Lois recognizes Chaim Witz, who she dated before he changed his name to Gene Simmons; Gene introduces her to the rest of the band, who have heard Gene’s stories of “Loose Lois.” Peter’s faith in Lois is restored, and he proudly shares the news on public access television that his wife did KISS.

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