Ruth Cochamer is one of Meg's friends that appears in several episodes.

In "Halloween on Spooner Street", she goes to Connie D'Amico's Halloween party with Meg.

In "Leggo My Meg-O", she convinces Meg to come with her to study in Paris and stay at her aunt's house. There, they are captured and sold as sex slaves. They are rescued thanks to Brian and Stewie, but not before Ruth has her tongue ripped out.

In "Friends Without Benefits", she is able to converse normally as Meg falls in love with Kent Lastname only to find out that he is gay and in love with Chris.

She refers to Lois Griffin as Meg's "hot mom" in "Our Idiot Brian".

Her full name is given in "The Finer Strings" when Principal Shepherd introduces her as "Ruth Cockhammer." When she corrects him, he points out that that is the name given in the boys restroom.

Ruth celebrates her birthday with her friends in "Saturated Fat Guy".


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