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Peter's food truck

Saturated Fat Guy
Lois forces Peter to eat healthy.

Season: 15 Episode: 16
Total Episode Count: 285
Prod. no.: EACX13
First Aired: March 19, 2017

Featuring: Peter Griffin
Also Appearing: Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe, Neil, Patty, Ruth, Esther, Carl, Tom Tucker, Tricia Takanawa, Elmer Hartman, Bruce, Droopy Dog, Winnie-the-Pooh, Steven McCormick, Quahog Thugs, Medford Dumpcakes, Juanita, Billy Corgan, Brigitte Nielsen
Director: Steve Robertson

Assistant Director: Pablo Solis
Writers: Damien Fahey
Storyboarders: Rob Bou-Saab, Annemarie Brown, Helen Kim

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When Lois decides to make the family eat healthy food after watching a documentary, Peter rebels but finds he has to leave the house late at night to find a snack. Stocking up on junk food at the Quahog Mini-Mart, he makes a sandwich using a panini press in his car. The smell of the food attracts Cleveland, who is also being forced to eat healthy so Peter agrees to share his sandwich with him. The smells also attracts other guys, who pay Peter $10 each for two more sandwiches, giving Peter the idea to buy his own food truck.

Lois is appalled and when Peter refuses to give up the truck, she kicks him out of the house where he takes up residence inside of the truck. As time passes, the food and living conditions begin to weigh heavily on Peter, causing his friends some concern. When a Bing street mapping car is seen in the area, the guys all rush to pose for it, but Peter finds himself stuck in the truck, too overweight to exit. The roof of the truck is torn out and Peter is hoisted out by a crane while Lois observes. As he apologizes and feels she is ashamed of him, she points out that she only wanted him to eat healthy so they could be together for a long time. While the rescue squad bathes Peter with a firehose by the street, the Bing street mapping car makes a second pass, immortalizing a naked Peter suspended by the crane. It is also noted that Peter ate healthy for the first night and went back to eating crap for the rest of his life.

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Meanwhile, Meg celebrates a birthday for Ruth with her friends at a local roller rink where a roller derby coach observes that she has the perfect stocky legs and invites her out for the team. During their first match, Chris is shocked by the violence and tries to convince her to give it up but she refuses. When she is taken down in a follow-up match and Chris sees she is about to be run over, he intercedes but is injured himself. When she visits him in the hospital, she tells him she is ready to give it up but he admits that she was prepared for the game and encourages her to help her team win the championship. However, no one actually sees the match, focusing instead on a fat kid performing well on a dancing video game.

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