Sneakers O'Toole

From the episode: Boys Do Cry
Singers: Sneakers O'Toole
Voices: Danny Smith

Sneakers O'Toole is a character obsessed with not taking his shoes off. He appears in "Boys Do Cry". According to Brian Griffin, going to Texas in search of religious tolerance is as difficult trying to get O'Toole to take his sneakers off. O'Toole is then seen walking and singing a self-centered song. Two men quickly approach him, the first yelling at him to take his sneakers off. He declines the request and jumps away. The second man stops the first man from chasing after him, explaining that they'll never catch O'Toole in the shoes they're wearing.

O'Toole was voiced by Danny Smith.


Sneakers O'Toole: ♪I'm not taking my sneakers off, I am Sneakers O'Toole!♪

Man #1: Hey! Take those sneakers off!

Sneakers O'Toole: No!

Man #1: Take them off, I said!

Sneakers O'Toole: No!

Sneakers O'Toole runs away

Man #2: Ahh, let him go, we'll never catch him. Not in these shoes.

Sneakers O'Toole: ♪I didn't take my sneakers off, I'm still Sneakers O'Toole!♪

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