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  • The title is based on a cutaway from "Barely Legal," where Stewie claims a moment to be better than when the Emperor discovered the formula for great Star Wars dialog: "Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete."
  • The DVD and Blu-ray disc for this episode went on sale December 22, 2009, well in advance of its broadcast airing.
  • To promote the release, Stewie went on Late Show with David Letterman to read the The Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Child.
  • The opening text crawl makes fun of 20th Century Fox for letting George Lucas keep merchandising rights to the Star Wars franchise, along with canceling Family Guy.
  • When Luke and Chewbacca hug goodbye, Brian/Chewie acts very aroused by the whole ordeal, and makes comments comparing hugging to sex.
  • The scene with Leia and Luke kissing that was in the table read Easter egg of Blue Harvest was removed.
  • Carter appears cast as the Emperor. He previously appeared in "Blue Harvest" as a different character, Luke's Uncle Owen. Joe is also cast here differently as the probe droid, having previously played Luke's friend Biggs Starlighter, and would go on to play a third role in "It's A Trap!" of Jabba the Hutt.
  • Meg questions her lack of lines in the Star Wars parodies, to which Peter responds with "Shut up, Meg."
  • Stewie becomes slightly effeminate around the scantily clad Stormtrooper, talking about how long it's been since he's gone dancing.
  • Leia and Han's back-and-forth regarding the repairs needed to the ship mimic a mechanic trying to take advantage of a woman, though with the roles switched.
  • Per the DVD commentary in both episodes, the "Juicy Fruit" scene was originally going to be in "Road to Rupert", but Wrigley wouldn't originally allow it.
  • The scene where Brian/Chewie points out that Mort/Lando is wearing Peter/Han's clothing is factually correct. In the actual movie, Lando is seen wearing Han's trademark outfit. According to the commentary, the Star Wars action figure of Lando in this outfit is known as 'Lando in Smuggler's Outfit'.
  • The song Peter/Han is tortured with is "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" by Paula Cole.
  • In the scene where Leia/Lois comes to tell Han/Peter there is something outside the ship, Han/Peter is reading Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.
  • Han/Peter says that the symbol on General Rieekan/Dr. Hartman's uniform looks like the Purina logo.
  • The Wilhelm Scream is heard when a rebel is shot during the battle on Hoth.
  • After Lois/Leia tells Brian/Chewie to turn the ship around, "Turn the Beat Around", a disco song popularized by Vicki Sue Robinson, is sung with reworked lyrics to showcase what had transpired.
  • While hanging underneath Cloud City, Chris calls Ben, Leia and Tom Selleck, an American actor known for his role in Magnum, P.I.. When called out to, Tom Selleck is shown in live action looking up, and then shrugging and returning to what he is doing.
  • When Obi-Wan/Herbert appears to Luke/Chris on Hoth, Luke/Chris calls him "Ben", but in Blue Harvest, Obi-Wan/Herbert never used that name; Luke/Chris always called him Obi-Wan.
When the episode was divided in two 22 minute episodes for broadcast, some scenes were edited out:
  • The Griffin family watching The Kitchen before the lights went out.
  • The scenes where a Rebel soldier try to make a joke about the weather.
  • Peter/Han Solo talking to ¨Overweight Pilot Number 1¨ after he found Chris/Luke in Hoth, followed by The Juicy Fruit section.
  • Stewie/Darth Vader Force-choking Ozzel and promoting Piett from Captain to Admiral.
  • Chewie/Brian hugging Chris/Luke before departing to the war in Hoth.
  • Ecostation 7 gets killed.
  • Chris/Luke inside the pregnant AT-AT walker.
  • A hurt Rebel soldier saying ¨There´s a good summer here¨.
  • The Beatles appearing during the persecution scene.
  • Peter/Han Solo finding a flying pie in the space.
  • The Allstate commercial on Dagobah focusing on swamp crashes hosted by Dennis Haysbert, following the one Chris/Luke just experienced.
  • Kenny Baker coming out from Cleveland/R2D2 for puking after suffering a head concussion.
  • Carl/Yoda talking Chris/Luke about Animal Party and then about Iron Man.
  • Peter/Han Solo and Lois/Leia arguing about the condenser, then Peter/Han Solo saying he's gonna kiss her so hard that the "picture's gonna change into something else".
  • Stewie/Darth Vader talking to Consuela about a detergent before he gets a call of the Emperor.
  • Stewie/Darth Vader showing the recruitment video for the Dark Side.
  • Chris/Luke and Carl/Yoda talking about the best and the worst naked chick and the best scene in Teen Wolf.
  • Stewie/Darth Vader turning to several notorious bounty hunters.
  • The Rebel Alliance finding some space bums between the space garbage.
  • Chris/Luke saying to Carl/Yoda that he was seeing a ¨bitch¨ before he saw his friends in trouble.
  • Stewie/Darth Vader attempting to torture Peter/Han Solo.
  • Stewie/Darth Vader telling Mort/Lando that they´re going to try the Carbon freezer with Peter/Solo and then he ask him to freeze some ice cubes with orange juice.
  • A scene where R2 uses a probing device to get through a door's locking mechanism.
  • Chris/Luke asking a mechanic of the Darth Vader´s ship if he saw his right hand, and he tells him that not (but actually he saw it because he hid it in his crotch).
  • Stewie/Darth Vader and Chris/Luke talking telepathically.
  • Steiwe/Darth Vader trying to choke the man who was in charge of his ship, after the Rebel Alliance escaped.
  • When Chris/Luke gets his prosthetic hand and asks if it will work, the robot on the frigate Redemption says "It's really hard to get a compliment from you!" whereas in the DVD he says "Yeah, but you might want to practice on a hot dog first, or you might just rip your dick off."
  • According to the DVD Fact-ups, footage from the Battle of Hoth was recycled from "PTV".
  • The Fact-ups point out that Seth MacFarlane voiced 25 characters in this episode, including a caricature of himself.
  • The Fact Ups bonus in the DVD mention Cookie Monster's previous appearance on Family Guy in "Model Misbehavior".
  • Following the newest occurrence of the Skinned Knee Gag, they mention Lois's boob injury in "FOX-y Lady". However, "FOX-y" is spelled without a hyphen in Fact-up.
Piett rank.jpg
  • During the scene where Vader chokes Admiral Ozzel and promotes Captain Piett to Admiral, both officers are shown with the same rank insignia. In original film, Piett is shown with three red squares, three blue squares, and one cylinder, while in the Family Guy version he has six, six and three, respectively.
  • During the DVD commentary, Seth Green incorrectly refers to an infamous audio recording of Sir Laurence Olivier throwing a tantrum while narrating a frozen pea commercial. The actual celebrity involved was Orson Welles.

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