• Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is the basis for this episode.
  • Stewie/Vader hangs out the window of the Star Destroyer and smashes a mailbox labeled "Nimoy" with a bat. This is a reference to Leonard Nimoy, of the Star Trek fame.
  • Peter/Han and Brian/Chewie's pride and saying "You ma' Nerf Herda" is a reference to African American characters in movies sometimes saying "You ma' nigga" to each other when they achieve something. In the same vein, Peter/Han punches Lois/Leia after she calls him a "nerf-herder", saying only they could use that word.
  • After a small argument, the screen cuts to Peter/Han addressing the camera, much like in reality shows like Survivor or Big Brother.
  • The song "My Little Buttercup" sung by Chris/Luke, The Decapitated Head and Yoda is from the 1986 film The Three Amigos.
  • When Chris/Luke flies out of the window during the battle with Stewie/Darth Vader, he stands in mid-air and holds a sign stating "Help!" before gravity kicks in, in the style of Looney Tunes cartoons, particularly Wile E. Coyote.
  • At the end when Peter begins to tell the story of Without a Paddle, Chris yells "FUCK YOU, DAD!". The voice artist for Chris, Seth Green, starred in this film. In essence, Peter/Seth MacFarlane is making fun of Chris/Seth Green's attachment to a commercial and critical flop, in the same vein as the occasional jokes about Robot Chicken.

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