Somewhere That's Green
Somewhere thats green
From the episode: "The Courtship of Stewie's Father"
Singers: Herbert
Voices: Mike Henry

"Somewhere That's Green" is a song that was part of the musical score for the off-Broadway & Broadway stage musical and later, film adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors. The song is performed by the musical's main female protagonist, Audrey Fulquard, after she realizes she has strong feelings for her co-worker, Seymour Krelborn. Audrey sings about marrying Seymour and finally settling down in the family life she had long desired.

The song was featured in "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", here performed by Herbert. Herbert fills the role of Audrey, and the song is his attempt to paint himself as a sympathetic character: a lonely man who is nearing the end of his life without ever having a meaningful relationship, and believing he's on the cusp of Chris filling that long-standing void. Herbert sings glowingly about Chris, in the same manner as Audrey did about Seymour in the original.

A series of clips, with Herbert cast as Audrey and Chris as Seymour, and played out in similar fashion as in Little Shop of Horrors accompany the song. The clips also feature two children who look just like Herbert and Chris.


Somewhere Thats Green


He rakes and trims the grass,
He loves to mow and weed,
I cook like Betty Crocker,
And I look like Donna Reed.
There's plastic on the furniture
To keep it neat and clean,
In the Pine-Sol scented air,
Somewhere that's green.
Between our frozen dinners
And our bedtime, 9:15,
We snuggle watching Lucy
On our big, enormous 12-inch screen.
I'm his December bride,
Chris Griffin, he knows best.
The kids play Howdy-Doody,
As the sun sets in the west.
The picture out of "Better Homes
And Gardens Magazine,"
Someday I know,
We too will go,
Somewhere that's green.
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