Stan Smith is the main character from American Dad!.

On Family Guy, he appears in "Lois Kills Stewie", holding Brian and Stewie Griffin at gunpoint with co-worker Avery Bullock. Stewie mistakes him for neighbor Joe Swanson, because of their chins.

He was supposed to appear again with his wife Francine in "April in Quahog". However, Family Guy director Greg Colton reported the scenes were dropped for time.[1]

He makes a brief appearance in "Excellence in Broadcasting". He is seen watching Family Guy, congratulating Brian for accepting conservative Republicanism.

Francine, Stan and the rest of the family appear as part of a cold-opening for "Bigfat", with the scenes that were originally intended for "April in Quahog". When the Griffins greet their new neighbors, the Smiths, who moved into Cleveland's old house, Peter makes the same mistake Stewie did during his simulation in "Lois Kills Stewie" of mistaking Stan Smith for Joe. After Roger reveals himself, Stan tries to keep Peter quiet but is forced to have to kill him as he starts to tell Quagmire about the alien. The entire opening turns out to be a dream by Hank Hill.

Peter tries to provide a lead in for Stan and American Dad! in "Regarding Carter", but is surprised to learn the show is no longer on FOX.

Stan is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

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