• Brandee is analogis to virtual assistants such as Echo and Alexa.[1]
  • Peter's popcorn trick on his crotch is in reference to a scene in the film Diner.[2]
  • Lois' smashing of the hotel bathroom door parodies that of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.
  • After bursting in, Lois declares "Munch a bunch of Fritos," parodying a Fritos corn chips ad campaign of the 70s.[3]
  • Stewie/Brian's attempt to teach poetry and the instruction to tear out pages is a reference to Dead Poets Society.[4]
  • Tricia and Ollie mention Freaky Friday, referring to multiple Disney body-swap comedy films that share the name.
  • Jerome asks if he is "doing a Madea", a reference to Tyler Perry's character.[5]

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