• Despite being listed in the press release as the voice of Gretchen, Kathrine Hahn does not have a voice credit in this episode.[1]
  • The advanced mathematics taught at Corridors preschool includes Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Pi.
  • Cleveland Brown, Jr.'s pants are special ordered from a company that makes grill covers.
  • Peter's original address before marrying was 1111 S. Grove Ave., Quahog, Rhode Island 02555.
  • During Stewie's party, one of the girls is in a bedroom "pulling a train." Although illustrated as innocently playing with a train on a string, the gag is really referring to a sex act with multiple partners.[2]
  • The broadcast version of the episode has Stewie explaining that the unseen servants are dancing away in the back of the mansion. In the uncensored DVD version, Stewie claims they are in the kitchen being molested by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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