Television shows and films shown in Season 9

Screenshot What's on Episode Who's watching Episode Order
BBunch The Brady Bunch Excellence in Broadcasting Lois, Meg, Chris, Brian, Stewie 1
Brian explains the advantages of High Definition.
Oldships Old Ships Welcome Back, Carter Lois, Peter, Barbara Pewterschmidt 1
Peter gets tired of watching a PBS documentary.
Storyteller Fat girls Welcome Back, Carter Storyteller 2
The Storyteller explains where fat girls come from.
Yule Log Yule Log Road to the North Pole Griffin Family 1
A Christmas tradition plays while the Griffins open their presents.
Charlestitle Charles in Charge New Kidney in Town Peter, Joe, Quagmire 1
Peter blows off his dialysis treatment to watch Charles in Charge.
Ellentalks Ellen Only Talks When Her Guests Are Talking And I'm Joyce Kinney Meg, Peter, Brian, Stewie, Chris 1
The family waits for Lois to return home.
QuestforFur Quest for Fur And I'm Joyce Kinney Church congregation 2
The Griffins show Lois' porno film in church.
TimHonks Pre-movie trivia Friends of Peter G Peter, Brian, Quahog Cinema 1
Peter and Brian have issues with the theater trivia.
Productioncologo Production company logos Friends of Peter G Peter, Brian, Quahog Cinema 1a
Peter is distracted by the production company logos.
Soundmusiclive The Sound of Music Friends of Peter G Peter, Brian, Quahog Cinema 1b
Peter and Brian are plastered by the time the film starts.
Jenniferogre Family Ties Brothers & Sisters Griffin Family 1
The Griffins watch a latter-season episode of Family Ties.
Iago Aladdin V: Jafar answers the Census Foreign Affairs Meg, Peter, Brian, Stewie, Chris 1
Jafar has a difficult time answering the examiners questions.
Jeezit Jeez-It commercial Foreign Affairs Peter, Lois 2
Father McNamara pitches Jeez-It an alternative to boring communion wafers complete with Wisconsin cheese flavor.
LetterA Why They Needed to Turn Every Vowel into the Letter "A" It's A Trap! Griffin Family 1
The family starts to watch a VH1 special on the 90s.
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