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The Cleveland Show is an American animated series by Seth MacFarlane, a spin-off from Family Guy. The Cleveland Show is an animated series focusing on the character of Cleveland Brown and his family. His new family includes his new spouse, Donna, her daughter and five year old son. Cleveland Brown, Jr. also is in the family but is now fat or chubby much like Chris Griffin. Cleveland Junior now wears glasses, and is now voiced by Kevin Richardson instead of Mike Henry.


The Cleveland Show has been picked up for an initial order of 22 episodes that premiered September 27th. In May 2009, it was immediately confirmed for a second season of 13 episodes which was upgraded on October 2009 for a full second season of 21 episodes.


Many years ago, Cleveland Brown fell in love with the beautiful Donna. Unfortunately, Donna fell in love and married someone else. She promised Cleveland that if it didn't work out she would come to him. It didn't work out. Her man skipped town with another woman, leaving her with a teen daughter and a baby. Donna offers Cleveland a chance to win her over: by moving to the town of Stoolbend with son Cleveland, Jr. He now lives with a new step-daughter and step-son and rather strange neighbors, including a loudmouthed redneck couple, a married pair of anthropomorphic woodland bears, and a hipster wannabe.


  • Cleveland Brown, Sr. voiced by Mike Henry
  • Cleveland Brown, Jr. voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Donna Tubbs-Brown voiced by Sanaa Lathan
  • Roberta Tubbs-Brown voiced by Reagan Gomez-Preston
  • Rallo Tubbs-Brown voiced by Mike Henry
  • Tim the Bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane
  • Arianna the Bear voiced by Arianna Huffington
  • Lester the Redneck voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Holt the Hipster voiced by Jason Sudeikis

Family Guy Character crossovers

American Dad Character crossovers

There are no known plans for The Cleveland Show to crossover with American Dad, however because Seth MacFarlane has hinted at a possible Family Guy/American Dad crossover, a crossover between the Cleveland Show and American Dad is possible, especially given that Cleveland will now be living in Virginia, which has the community of Langley Falls. Seth has stated that the final Star Wars parody "We Have A Bad Feeling About This" will include characters from both American Dad! and The Cleveland Show. Tim and his family were singled out as Ewoks.


In the end of Spies Reminiscent of Us  When Chevy de-activates the missle in space, a part of falls on Cleveland's House and Tim says "Eh, I dont get it!"

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