• Brian leaves the Griffins to the tune of "Pac Man Fever" by Buckner & Garcia.
  • At the Quahog Pharmacy, Brian hums a sings a line of Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train".
  • Stewie mentions the frozen pizza company DiGiorno's use of a domestic violence tweet intended to pitch their pizza.[1]
  • Brian's Twitter account name is "@d0gbackwards", which is an actual account assigned to Brian since October of 2016.[2] Peter uses the same name as his Instagram account, PumpkinEater69. A note on the account by "Peter" claims he had to take @PumpkinEater80 after messing up his @PumpkinEater69 account.
  • Many of the Twitter accounts that send hate mail to Brian are those of Fuzzy Door Productions staff members, including Matt Fusfeld of American Dad!.
  • Brian mentions kissing a transexual when yelling at the angry mob.
  • Brian being booed copies the same gag used on The Cleveland Show episode "Another Bad Thanksgiving" when Cleveland has the same response for Donna's sister Janet.

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