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  • This is the last episode by production order that Lacey Chabert provides the voice of Meg.
  • Brian mentions Meg's ability to imitate bird calls, which is demonstrated in the episode "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks."
  • This episode reveals Diane Simmons's maiden name, Diane Seidelman.
  • Peter claims that he has "soul and passion that only comes with hundreds of years of black oppression." He eventually finds out that one of his ancestors is black in "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?".
  • In this episode, after Peter farts on stage, many recurring and one-time characters on the show are seen in the audience such as Cleveland Brown, Jr., Pablo, Li, their Indian brother, Guillermo, Chris's Scoutmaster, the readheaded waitress at Flappy Jack's House of Pancakes who convinced Flappy to give Meg the job, and Randall Fargus, who would not make his official debut until "Running Mates".
  • When auditioning for the play, Brian sings "If Ever I Would Leave You" from the musical Camelot.
  • Thinking the audition a mere formality, Peter gives an off-key rendition of the theme song of children's television series Land of the Lost.
  • A flashback shows an independent film starring Diane during her college days. It includes many clichés of student films, including a non-linear plot, gloomy music, surreal images, and a pointless close-up of an object.
  • Lyrics from the song "Maniac" from the movie Flashdance are used by Peter. In addition, the torn sweatshirt and legwarmers worn by Diane is the same look sported by Jennifer Beals in the film.
  • Before the play, Brian rehearses lyrics to “Sussudio” by Phil Collins.
  • Peter’s final version of The King and I contains many generic elements of post-apocalyptic science fiction and B-movies.
  • Lois mentions the "mindless jobs" of famous creative people. She is correct that Moby Dick author Herman Melville worked as a customs agent and scientist Albert Einstein worked in the patent office, although it was the Swiss patent office not that of the US. Also, Michelangelo's father, and later the artist himself, owned a rock quarry but he was never a laborer in one.
  • Stewie "quotes" “first lady of the American stage” Helen Hayes in telling Lois “I'm going to kill you.” This is not an actual quote from Hayes.
  • Cleveland says he once met singer/actress Pearl Bailey at a book signing. Later, in American Dad!, Pearl Bailey becomes the name given to the local high school.
  • Stewie says that Peter is the worst thing to happen to musical theater since Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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