• Meg has no lines in this episode.
  • The listing of train accidents is accompanied by "The Loco-Motion" by Little Eva.
  • The skateboarding video is accompanied by "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys.
  • This is the second time Peter causes Tom Tucker to be fired at Quahog 5 News. The first occasion being in "Stewie B. Goode".
  • After noting that Doritos Tacos are only available for a limited time on the billboard before seeing that Tom is contemplating suicide, Peter is seen licking off his fingers from the orange cheese powder used in the making of the Doritos shell.
  • The ending of Brian's plot line in this episode is similar to that of Stewie's in the previous episode. Shelby even delivers a similar line about not caring about the circumstances, but rather that Brian was dishonest.

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