• This is the first episode which mentions Chris's talent.
  • This episode provides a back story for the later episode "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks", in which Chris' painting talent is discovered by a New York art dealer. Peter's attitude towards Chris' drawings in this episode is similar to his attitude towards Chris' painting at the beginning of the later episode. In "Fore Father", Chris shows an interest in animation.
  • This episode also provides a back story for the religion that Peter later creates that worships the Fonz in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz".
  • The trees in the forest sing "Cats in the Cradle", a 1974 song by Harry Chapin, which was later covered by the band Ugly Kid Joe.
  • When Stewie calls the Native American tribe "Stupid Greedy Savages", Lois responds with "Stewie, that's a terrible thing to say," implying that she understood him.
  • In the Happy Days episode they're watching, Richie tells his parents he really likes Warren "Potsie" Weber.
Speed Racer
  • One of the racers at the soap box derby is Speed Racer and the Mach 5.
  • Lois has a Raffi tape for Stewie.
  • When playing 20 Questions, Lois picks the film Cool Runnings.
  • While Brian excuses not coming to New York with the family, he holds Utne Reader in his hand.
  • Brian watches Nova on PBS, before programming switches to One Day at a Time while the rest of the family is gone.
  • In a flashback, Peter pretends to be gay by watching Caroline in the City.
  • Stewie sarcastically remarks to Lois’s creation of Jell-O for dessert by saying “Oooh, Jello, How exotic! Why, I feel like I’m on the deck of the QE2”.
  • In this episode a cutaway gag shows Peter's plan to sneak into a carnival disguised as a horse failing when the ticket man realizes that horses can't talk. However, later episodes such as "Boys Do Cry" and "Airport '07", show animals interacting with humans through speech.
  • Family Guy: The Official Episode Guide, Seasons 1-3 confirmed that Peter's line at the end, "Canada sucks," created hate mail from angry Canadian viewers, Seth MacFarlane points out in the same source that Ricky Blitt, the episode's writer, is himself Canadian.

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