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|in_a_sentence=One wrong turn forces Peter to become one with nature.
|in_a_sentence=One wrong turn forces Peter to become one with nature.
|first_aired=May 9, 1999
|first_aired=May 2, 1999
|guest_starring=[[Bobby Slayton]]
|guest_starring=[[Bobby Slayton]]
|featuring=[[Peter Griffin|Peter]], [[Chris Griffin|Chris]]
|featuring=[[Peter Griffin|Peter]], [[Chris Griffin|Chris]]

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Looking for the car at the casino.

The Son Also Draws
One wrong turn forces Peter to become one with nature.

Season: 1 Episode: 4
Total Episode Count: 4
Prod. no.: 1ACX06
First Aired: May 2, 1999

Guest Starring: Bobby Slayton
Featuring: Peter, Chris
Also Appearing: Meg, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Carrot Scalp, Leonard Cornfeathers, Sees You Coming, Watches You Pee, Chief Grand Cherokee, Change For A Buck, The Fonz, Speed Racer, Little Red Riding Hood, Running Bear, Deals With His Wrist, Scoutmaster, Schneider, Julie Cooper, Barbara Cooper
Musical Numbers: Neutron Dance, Cat's in the Cradle

Director: Neil Affleck

Writers: Ricky Blitt
Storyboarders: Ron Brewer, Shawna Cha, Mark Zoeller


Chris is not enthusiastic about Boy Scouts, preferring to draw. He is eventually kicked out of the Scouts, and Peter insists on getting Chris back in by talking to the New York headquarters. During the trip, the family sidetracks from their journey with Lois obtaining a gambling addiction and losing their car at an Indian casino.

In order to reclaim their car from the casino owners, Peter claims that he is Indian, but is denied the identity of "Jeep Grand Cherokee", and instead, being sent on a vision quest. Chris accompanies Peter, and during the quest, the two of them bond, with Peter finally accepting Chris' complaints about the Scouts. The episode finishes with Peter hallucinating and seeing Fonzie from his starvation and reclaiming the car.

Meanwhile Brian stays at home and watches a television show that lowers his intelligence.

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