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This House Is Freakin' Sweet!
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From the episode: Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
Singers: Peter Griffin, Servants
Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Studio Singers

"This House is Freakin' Sweet!" is a song sung by Peter Griffin and Cherrywood Manor employees with voice accompaniment by the Griffins in "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater".

The musical number itself is a parody of the song "I Think I'm Going to Like It Here" from the musical Annie.

The song was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics, but lost to "Up to You" from the Nickelodeon millennium special Nickellennium.



Servants: ♪We only live to kiss your ass♪

Sebastian: Kiss it? Hell, we'll even wipe it for you!

Servants: ♪From here on in, it's Easy Street♪

Peter: Any bars on that street?

Sebastian: 24 happy hours a day.

Peter: Oh, boy!

Servants: ♪We'll stop Jehovah's at the gate♪

Guard: Can I see that pamphlet, sir?

Whacks Jehovah's Witness with the pamphlet and smiles.

Peter: ♪My God, this house is freakin' sweet♪

Chef: ♪I make brunch, Clive cooks lunch, each and every day♪

Blake: ♪Chocolate cake, a la Blake♪

Peter: ♪Hundred bucks, Blake is gay♪

Servants: ♪We'll do the best we can with Meg♪

Meg: Are you sayin' I'm ugly?

Servant: It doesn't matter, dear. You're rich now!

Servants: ♪We'll do your nails and rub your feet♪

Lois: Oh that's not nece...oh my.

Servants: ♪We'll do your homework every night♪

Chris: It's really hard.

Sebastian: That's why we got that Stephen Hawking guy.

Peter: ♪My God, this house is freakin' sweet!♪

♪Used to pass lots of gas; Lois ran away♪

♪Now we've got 30 rooms! Hello, beans. Goodbye, spray!♪

Servants: ♪We'd take a bullet just for you♪

Stewie: Oh, what a coincidence, I've got one.

Lois: Stewie!

Servants: ♪Prepare to suck that golden teat♪

♪Now that you're stinking rich, we'll gladly be your bitch♪

Peter: ♪My God, this house is...♪

All: ♪freakin' sweet! Welcome!♪

Servant: That's a wrap, people. Now let's get the hell out of here.

Peter: Wait a second, where you going?

Servant: The old bag only paid us up through the song.

Lois: Well, we can just pick up after ourselves. After all, we'll only be here on weekends.

Peter: No no, Lois. It's time you started living like the piece of Schmidt you are.

Lois: That's "Pewterschmidt."

Peter: W...W...Wait, you guys! You guys, you're all hired to be full-time Griffin servants.

Lois: Peter, where are we going to get the money to pay all these people?

Peter: Simple. I, eh, sold our house in Quahog.

Lois: You sold our home?!

Peter: Surprise!

Lois: Peter, how could you?

Peter: Whoops.

♪I recognize that tone. Tonight I sleep alone♪

All: ♪But still this house is freakin' sweet!♪