• Peter's outfit in the Quentin Tarantino segment is a homage to Ronald McDonald.
  • The sword he carries is the 'Sword of Omens' from ThunderCats.
  • The Quentin Tarantino segment contains elements from his films Pulp Fiction, including Peter's original outfit as well as Cleveland's and the glowing keg in place of the mysterious briefcase and the Kill Bill films, with the Tricia Takanawa 88 standing in for the Crazy 88 yakuza gang.
  • Peter's death in the second story of chasing a Pokémon on a busy street is based on reports of people who died playing Pokémon Go.[1]
  • The Michael Bay segment takes on his approach to the Transformers series, as well as his film Armageddon when Peter recruits his friends.
  • Bay's reputation for product placement is parodied with Joe pitching the Microsoft Surface and Cleveland doing the same with his Samsung Gear S2 watch.
  • Peter's car alarm is the theme from the television show Ironside.
  • Herbert's inquiry of Chris about a "Spider-Man kiss" is a reference to the 2002 film version of Spider-Man, in which the titular superhero kisses his girlfriend Mary Jane while upside down.

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