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  • The title when originally released IS "Untitled Griffin Family History", the title used on this wiki.[1] The Family Guy Volume 4 DVD set renamed the episode as "The Griffin Family History".
  • There is only one cutaway gag in this episode.
  • The main characters have very few lines in this episode. Stewie has as little as three lines, not counting black Stewie’s two lines.
  • This episode marks the rare occurrence in which a main character, besides Brian, has understood what Stewie has said. When Peter mentions that he never liked The Godfather and never actually finished watching the film, Stewie questions this logic. Afterwards, Lois interjects with, “I agree with Stewie.” Rarely does a main character, especially a family member, acknowledge that they completely understood what Stewie says.
  • This is the fourth time Meg was mistaken for a boy. The first time was in “The Kiss Seen Around the World”.
  • God's fart created the Big Bang in this episode.
  • Nate made the Department of Motor Vehicles to get back at the white people.
  • When Peter is explaining evolution, he is obligated to present the church’s alternative theory due to the state of Kansas. The Christian theory features Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie appearing from the water creating the different species of animals.
  • Peter Hitler tapes his nose up, proclaiming that he’s “Tojo.” Tojo Hideki was the prime minister of Japan during World War II.
  • Peter Hitler calls Adolf/Addie a Motherführer, a pun on "motherfucker". "Führer" means “leader” in German and was Hitler’s official title.
  • In the Nate Griffin segment, Brian appears as a talking monkey, and Cleveland Brown appears as a white slave trader. However, Ollie Williams is still black.
  • In the Nate Griffin segment, Nate Griffin does not speak with a Southern accent as he does in “Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?”.
  • Peter describes the Pewterschmidt plantation as way down South, “around where you stop seeing Howard Johnson's and start seeing Stuckey's.”
  • Peter (as Moses) makes a commandment where the followers are ordered not to read the billboard signs as they walk through the desert. One of the signs is read aloud as “Mancow in the Morning,” a nod to Mancow Muller’s daily morning radio show. Another billboard mentions Danny Gans.
  • Nate Griffin goes into the African jungle to find a log and stick so he can play the beginning of “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen.
  • Nate Griffin falls in love with Lois Laura Bush-Lynne Cheney-Pewterschmidt.
  • Peter and his family argue about the film The Godfather. Peter later says that The Money Pit is better.
  • When arguing about The Godfather at the end of the episode, several characters incorrectly state Robert De Niro among the famous names within the film. De Niro was not in the original, but only in its sequel, The Godfather Part II.
  • According to the DVD commentary, some of the dialogue was ad-libbed by MacFarlane, Alex Borstein and Seth Green. MacFarlane’s opinions on the movie reflect Peter’s, as Borstein and Green’s reflect Lois and Chris’s, respectively.
  • John Viener was nominated for an Annie Award for writing this episode, the same year that Mila Kunis and Kirker Butler were nominated for theirs. [2]

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